January 08, 2007

Ruth Kelly

Education Secretary Ruth Kelly has decided to send her children to private school. This is completely understandable as a former Education Secretary she will have a better knowledge of what she could expect had she given them over to the state sector and like every mother she wants to do what is best for her children. This is simply another example of the selfishness of socialism. Ruth Kelly wants her children get a good education, but at the same time she and Labour want to limit the chances of everybody else getting the same chance. The 'right' on the other hand seeks to extend the number capable of getting out of state provided education to everybody through school vouchers.


Stumbling and Mumbling has a defence of Ruth Kelly mentioning that she personally never argued against the right to educate people privately. OK point conceded, but she is part of a government that scrapped the assisted places scheme thereby stopping many clever but poor children from benefitting from the same education that she wants her own children to have.


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